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There are so many things that you need to consider now that you decided to tie the knot makeup probably being also one of the most important things on the list!
Brides should take into account first and foremost the longevity – the makeup & it’s got to last! Booking a professional artist for the day can help ensure that you look just as fab in the PM as you do in the AM! So how do they get it right? Apart from some nifty techniques accompanied with the experience on how to manipulate products here’s a few other considerations to choosing the right products with the right ingredients.
 Here’s a breakdown from our Pro team on the best makeup products to include for your big day or asking your wedding artist to include…..


1. Primer- defiantly an essential!
These wondrous little gems create a smooth invisible layer that act as a buffer & expertly holds the foundation in place. It also ensure that the skin texture is smoothed out giving the appearance of blurring lines and smoother skin. Generally they contain what’s known as an active ingredients & can also be a term that is used to refer to natural products i.e  Aleovera & vitamins such as A, C & E particularly in the water based versions. Primers come in many forms so choosing one can be a tricky. They are generally a light weight gel like formulation with mattifying for oily skin helping control shine, hydrating to moisturise dry skin & even radiance primers for a mature or dull skin to give brightness.



Here are some of our favorites
1. Laura Mercier water based for normal to dry skin this is the most versatile of primers and is an amazing one for most if not all skin types
2. Hourglass for a brightening and lightening effect perfect for mature, dull or just if your skin is feeling a little sluggish
3. Clinique City Block +25SPF is the bomb for excessively oily skin
4.Prep + Prime Silicone based ideal for most skin types with out feeling to slippy on the skin as some silicone primers can feel like they have to much slip when being applied.


2. A Nude or Natural Lip
Not all brides but most on the day want to keep the look timeless usually opting for the perfect nude! Lip products come in so many different finishes. A sheer texture will give a light coverage and will look very natural or using a matte textured finish will certainly give a more intense saturated hue making the lip colour much more noticeable & in between these two there are many other different finishes. Always use a lip liner for definition to as it will make the lip shape much more visible while also preventing the lipstick from bleeding or feathering. Try choose a similar shade liner to suit the lip colour for example if you go with a piny nude lip try use a pinky toned liner if you mix up the nude shades somethings they can be noticeably different.

  Our Tops Favorite Shades for Brides in no particular order

1. MAC Modesty this is the ultimate bridal nude with a gorgeous creamy texture so as not to dry out the lips accompanied by Whirl liner by MAC
2. MUD Makeup Designory a not so know brand on the Irish market but a very well know brand internationally Rose Clay is another one of our go to bridal colours and has proved time and time again to be one of the most popular colours we use. Creamy in texture and high in colour payoff paired with Natural Liner also by MUD is ranking as another winner! MUD is available The Makeup Bar.
3.Creme Cup – MAC Brave – MAC Angel-MAC Velvet Teddy – MAC
4. Subculture Liner also by MAC is a fab across the board nude liner.


MAC Studio Fix Liquid – this is an oil free silicone foundation that photographs beautifully and is used by so many makeup artists. It feels comfortable to wear on the skin and has a minute plumping effect making skin appear flawless. A touch yellow in colour in the NC range we would suggest mixing a little of the foundations in NC and NW to get the perfect balance for most Irish skin types.Makeup Atelier – this is a medium to full coverage liquid foundation originally created for photographic work dries to a matte finish also available from The Makeup Bar.
NARS  Longwear foundation– promises 16 hours of wear with skin recognition pigments for the truest colour match.
Optimishing botanical extracts for healthier and smoother skin and we would always recommend that you set the makeup using a powder to absorb excess surface oils ensuring a even more lasting look.
Our favorites Chanel Le Teint Ultra Tenue a smooth comfortable not chalky compact that your skin will love you for or MAC Mineralise Powder you just cant go wrong!!


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